Educating the whole child and honoring the diversity of each individual from
Pre-elementary (age 3) through Grade 8.

A parent working with students in the classroom.
A dad shows and explains the menorah to students.
Two parents sit at a table while working with students.

Volunteers and Classroom Helpers add a variety of talents and contribute to the richness of the environment.

Classroom Helpers

To help the classroom, please speak directly with the classroom teacher. Each classroom teacher is autonomous as to how she/he uses classroom parent/guardian helpers. Opportunities may be weekly, monthly, or a couple of times a year. Teachers might request help such as reading parents, homework helpers, or class party helpers. Teachers discuss expectations of the Classroom Helper in regards to confidentiality, classroom procedures, the appropriate use of common areas (e.g., returning chairs and other furniture to their original positions) and cell phone policy. 

Please note that classroom parent/guardian helpers at the Pre-elementary level must be supervised at all times by a member of the Eton staff.

Volunteering for School Events

Volunteering is an excellent way to meet other parents/guardians and to get to know more about the school and program. Here are some all-school events where parents/guardians make a difference by participating and volunteering:

  • New Family Picnic (September)
  • Cultural Fair (September)
  • Picture Days (September and/or October)
  • Family Game Night (November)
  • Open House (October, November, and January)
  • Eton Community Celebration (May)
  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation Lunch (June)
  • End of the Year Family Picnic (June)

Check the Community Connection (our weekly e-newsletter) and EPC News (a monthly e-news), for the volunteer opportunities along with links to volunteer forms or reach out to the Eton Parent Council’s Volunteer Coordinator (