Eton Community Gala

Every year at the Gala, the Eton Community comes together to support and celebrate our School.

The Gala begins with a silent auction during the cocktail hour followed by dinner and a live auction. Eton's Clubhouse Staff manages complimentary childcare at the venue for families who have pre-registered. The children play games, watch live entertainment, enjoy dinner and more while the parents mingle and hopefully win teacher experiences, vacation getaways, and other one-of-a-kind items.

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2019 '70s Eton Community Gala
Saturday, February 9

In 1978 the first women astronauts enrolled in the space program at NASA, disco fever was reaching new heights in popularity and Eton School was founded! As an acknowledgment of Eton’s birth year, we are having a disco-themed Gala at an exciting new venue, the W Hotel in Bellevue. The dress for the evening is casual. The most important thing is comfort, whether it’s your favorite pair of jeans or a bell-bottomed white suit, please dress however you want!

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2019 Gala Schedule

5:00 p.m.   Appetizers & Beverages 
__________(Complimentary sparkling wine, beer, wine, and nonalcoholic beverages all evening)

Gala and Childcare* Check-In

Silent Auction and Games Open

Raffle Tickets for Sale
(Purchase raffle tickets to win half the total of the ticket raffle sales!)

Fourth Line Silent Auction Bid Sheet Raffle
(Skip ahead and bid on the fourth line of a bid sheet to be entered in a drawing for a Canlis Restaurant gift card!)

6:00 p.m.   Dinner Stations Open

6:15 p.m.   Silent Auction Closes

6:45 p.m.   Live Auction Begins

Heads or Tails Game

Live Auction Items

(All donations made to Fund-A-Dream are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Eton is a 501c3 organization.)

7:30 p.m. Dessert Stations Open

As the auction wraps up, cashiers are available to assist with check out and item pick-up. 

Check out the highlights from the 2018 Gala and our Gala Glossary.

Volunteers Needed

There are many ways to help make the Gala a success. If you are interested in helping with the Gala, please contact our Eton Community Gala Committee at Read the following letter and list of procurement ideas from the Eton Community Gala Committee for more about the Gala and ways you can help.

Letter to Families

Procurement Ideas

If you are ready to approach a business or individual donor to request a donation, please use the following letter and procurement form to introduce our school to the donor and collect the item (please make sure you have one copy of the procurement form for the school and one to leave with the donor.) Alternatively, triplicate procurement forms will be available in the office to make it easier for the donor to keep a copy for their records.

Letter to Donors

Procurement Form

IRS 501(c)3 Determination Letter

A business can also support the Gala without donating a specific item or service. If you think you know someone who would be willing to sponsor the Eton Community Gala in exchange for advertising, please share with them our Corporate Sponsorship Levels. Sponsoring the Gala is a great way for companies to gain visibility in our community.

Corporate Sponsorship

Gala Glossary

Silent Auction
The Silent Auction is full of different items, experiences, classes and fun activities available at many price levels that people may bid on. The beautiful Classroom Projects and outings with teachers are also included in the Silent Auction.

Teacher Experiences
Some teachers offer experiences for your child or a small group and these will be available for bidding in the Silent Auction. Examples include painting ceramics, going for a hike, seeing a movie, or hosting an art-themed afternoon.

These are experiences (for example, a dinner for 8 hosted by a family) that are offered for more than one person to purchase. Purchase single tickets to be a part of a larger group experience. These Sign-Ups will be included in the Silent Auction.

Dessert Dash
On the night of the auction, each guest has the opportunity to contribute a bid for a dessert to share with the rest of the table. The highest bidding table will win first choice and send one person “dashing” to the dessert table to choose one. The “dashing” continues to the next highest bidding table and so on until all the desserts are chosen.

Live Auction
A selection of unique items is offered for live bidding during the dinner portion of the evening. This includes vacation home and hotel stays, exciting opportunities, fine dining experiences and more. Highest bidder wins the item so get ready to raise your bid cards!

Raise the Paddle
Every year Eton School chooses one area of its program to enhance, which provides an opportunity for supporters to make tax- deductible contributions that will support that specific program area. In the last auction, the "Raise the Paddle" generated funds to go towards the enhancement of Eton School’s STEM program at every grade level. Examples of items to be purchased with these funds are a 3-D printer, cameras for the classrooms, video equipment, and tablets.

2018 Eton Community Gala