Flying Discs, Teams, and Games Without Referees: Ultimate is Played Here!

What do the University of Oregon, University of Alabama, Baylor University, and University of Notre Dame have in common besides being in the top twenty ranking for college football? They all also have highly competitive Ultimate Clubs for both men and women. In fact, most colleges, small and large, around the country have Ultimate teams that compete against each other in leagues and tournaments.

Ultimate is played on a field comparable to a narrow football field. There are seven people on the field during play. There are no referees in an Ultimate game, so players call their own fouls and learn to work out any disputes themselves. Players learn fair play, good sportsmanship, and a great sense of personal responsibility, which is called the “spirit” of the game. This links in beautifully to our Montessori inspired philosophy of educating children to be responsible, respectful and independent—especially in the way of conflict resolution.

Eton Phoenix Ultimate has a 3rd grade team, two 4th/5th grade teams, and a Middle School (6th-8th) team. The 3rd grade team and the 4th/5th grade team compete in Disc Northwest’s Elementary School league. the Middle School team (6th, 7th and 8th grade), competes in Disc Northwest’s Middle School league. The teams are coached by Eton’s teachers and staff.

Come out and support the Eton Phoenix! The schedules for games are posted on our Ultimate calendar. Also, please take a moment and view our slideshows with photos from last year's games.

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2018 Ultimate Scores

Eton Phoenix 3/4 Team
3/10 Phoenix 11 | Bryant Roughlegs 4

Eton Phoenix 4/5 Team
Eton Phoeni: 5 | Bryant Goshawks 11

2018 Ultimate Photo Galleries

3/10/2018 Phoenix 3/4

3/10/2018 Phoenix 4/5

Ultimate 2017 Season Reports

Third Grade Team Ultimate Season
by Coach Angela Kim

You’re running through a big field of grass either running away from someone or chasing after someone while a disc is flying through the air. What is this game?! Ultimate Frisbee! The second and third graders learned all the basics of the game this year. Rules are just one part of the game, being competitive is another, but what is most important is the spirit and collaboration. You work for the benefit of the whole. Practice together, work together, play together, and have fun together!Next year with Coach Gil and Coach Reitz they will have the opportunity to hone their new skills with new friends and teammates. Thank you to all the parents who drove to practice and came to support us at games. It was a great season! Go Phoenix!

Fourth and Fifth Yellow Team Ultimate Season
by Coach Sadie Reitz

Eton Phoenix Yellow Team had a great season! We all learned new drills, expanded our understanding of the game, and strengthened our ability to properly identify and call fouls. Throughout the season the team enjoyed teamwork activities built into practice time. Players identified and met individual goals. We embraced The Spirit of the Game (positive guidelines to play by) and even took them into the classroom. Most of all, Eton Phoenix Yellow had a lot of fun! We are so proud of our players' individual gains and our team's 3rd place win in our division! Go Phoenix!

Fourth and Fifth Green Team Ultimate Season
by Coach Kevin Gilfillan

What a task Eton's Fourth and Fifth Green had this year! Backing up our Championship run from the past year. Having lost half our team to Middle School. Introducing another nine teammates from last year’s 3rd grade team. Trying to teach them our system and our philosophy. As if all this was not enough, we were put into the A Division with 23 other teams. A 24 team division full of all the best teams. Suffice it to say, my expectations were low. If the kids played hard, had fun, stayed together, and displayed great sportsmanship I would be a very happy Coach. Then a funny thing started to happen. We won. And we won again. And we kept winning. We lost a total of two games this year, including playoffs, by a combined 5 points. It was amazing to watch the teamwork, leadership, and camaraderie build and grow as the season went along. We brought home 3rd place honors in a division that I initially was just hoping would not chew us up and spit us out. What an incredible achievement for everyone that played for Eton Phoenix Green this year. Every single player for this team should have an overwhelming sense of pride.

I would like to give a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who came out and supported us. I have never seen so many teachers come out over the course of a year. It means the world to the students that you support them outside of school. Thank you to the parents that drove the students to every game and picked them up from every practice. Lastly, thank you to Marjie Butler. She is truly the glue that holds this whole thing together.

Middle School Ultimate Season
by Coach Monica Maling

On May 13, the Middle School Ultimate team finished their season with a fantastic final game against Hyla Middle School from Bainbridge Island. The friendly spirited competition took place out on the fields of Magnuson Park in Seattle where you can often find ultimate games being played all through the year in all sorts of weather.

I had arranged friendly scrimmages at Marymoor fields with the Eastside Catholic team that helped prepare our players for league play. They enjoyed getting to know players from another school and it was also a great opportunity to work on different skills and strategies. Overall the team had a fantastic season with only losing 2 games, one of those games was the first playoff game so we were a little disappointed about that. As a team, they learned to play very well together and helped each other grow in both areas of offense and defense.

Even though we did not progress to the playoffs, we won a really important award of which we are very proud! We won the Spirit of the Game Award for our Division which was voted on by other teams. Spirit of the Game is at the heart of Ultimate and is a defining characteristic of the sport. There are no referees in an Ultimate game, players rely on the Spirit of the Game, which places the onus of sportsmanship and honorable play on the players themselves. The players were each rewarded with a special DiscNW Spirit of the Game Award frisbee.

The team worked hard and had fun throughout the whole season. We are especially grateful to their wonderful parents who drove them all over Seattle to the different fields for the games. We also would like to give a huge thank you to parents, David Lemson and Qun Guo for sharing with us their fantastic photos of the Phoenix teams. Thank you all for a great season!

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