Educating the whole child and honoring the diversity of each individual from
Pre-elementary (age 3) through Grade 8.

Optional Hot Lunch Program

Green Sprouts Food


We believe that delicious and diverse food is the great connector. It can build bridges to each other, our classmates, friends, families and communities. Our mission is to bring amazing and nutritious food to your students in the most sustainable way possible. For us, this also means sharing our belief and passion for food to build a new generation of healthy stewards.



$7.50 Regular (students ages 3-7)

$8.00 Large (students ages 8 and up)


Our menus are designed and engineered with consideration of nutrition, safety, cultural themes and seasonality. To meet our goals of diversity we are evolving our menu monthly to reflect new food concepts.


Deadline: 25th of the Month Prior by 9 p.m. ($5.50 late fee for orders after the deadline)

Minimum Order:

  • 21-24 March: All 4 days (M-Th) due to early dismissal on 25 March
  • 28 March-1 April: All 5 Days
  • April 4 Onward: 4 days/week (M-Th) for the Entire Month

Changes: 2-Day Notice (5 p.m. 2 business days prior)

Charges: $5 account setup fee (on first invoice); Credit card processing fee (shows up as a convenience fee on invoice)

Refunds: Credited to Account


Online Ordering:

Using the iOS Users App:

Questions? Please contact our Auxiliary Program Coordinator, Sharon Gonzalez.