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Optional Hot Lunch Program

Amazing Lunches offers an optional hot lunch program for Eton Students. All lunches are prepared fresh daily using fresh ingredients, and bread is freshly made in-house.  Food is cooked fresh at their commercial kitchen, kept warm, and delivered immediately to the school to serve family style. A vegetarian option is available each day. Read a note from Amazing Lunches below.

February: Menu and Ingredients

March: Menu and Ingredients


  • $5.50 plus tax: P3, P4, K
  • $6.50 plus tax: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  • $7.50 plus tax: 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th

Setting Up Account

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on Create an Account
  3. Enter Eton School’s password of ES1.
  4. On the Account Registration Form Eton School:
    1. Complete the information.
    2. Check the box next to “I will be ordering for other people."
    3. Click submit.
  5. When the account set up is complete, “CREATE USER PROFILES” opens. Do the following:
    1. Enter your child’s name.
    2. Select your child’s classroom/teacher/building from the location drop-down list.
    3. Click “ADD PROFILE” button.
    4. When the “User profile has been added!” message pops up, click the “OK” button or click the X in the upper left corner.
    5. When the “Create User Profiles” appears again, create additional profiles if you have more than one child at Eton School. When all profiles are created, click the “I’M DONE” button.


All orders must be completed by 7:00 a.m. on the day lunch is needed. If you miss the order deadline or need to make a change the morning of, please text 206-289-0655 with your school name, teacher name, grade, student name, and type of meal (vegetarian or regular).Note: Hot lunch is not available on early dismissal nor when School is closed. Students attending Clubhouse/Clubhouse Camp must bring a lunch from home. To order lunch:

  1. Go to:
  2. Login using the user name and password created for the account.
  3. Use the arrows to go the desired month and click the Lunch button.
  4. Follow the direction on the screen to order.
  5. To view your order or check out at any time, click on the shopping cart in the right top corner.

Questions or Problems?

A Note from Amazing Lunches

Amazing Lunches

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Justina and I are so excited to be leading the team cooking school lunches for Eton School this coming school year. We have had an exciting summer working on our ordering system, testing our new menus and sourcing the best local ingredients. I can’t wait to share the results of our work with your families. It is our passion at Amazing Lunches to make our lunches properly from scratch, using real ingredients to offer your children a nutritious lunch full of flavor.  

The ordering is all done online, through the Boolin website, making it simpler than ever to access menus and ingredients list whenever you want, wherever you are. Make lunch one less thing for you to worry about as you can get your orders in up to a month in advance.  

Having been cooking professionally for over 10 years, in a variety of private homes, schools and high end restaurants I have never been more excited or passionate than I am right now about Amazing Lunches. It is such a privilege to be cooking for your family and I know your kids are going to love the food!

Phil Lydeard  
(Head Chef, Amazing Lunches)