Educating the whole child and honoring the diversity of each individual from
Pre-elementary (age 3) through Grade 8.

Optional Hot Lunch Program

Rainbow Fresh

We believe that delicious and diverse food is the great connector. It can build bridges to each other, our classmates, friends, families and communities. Our mission is to bring amazing and nutritious food to your students in the most sustainable way possible. For us, this also means sharing our belief and passion for food to build a new generation of healthy stewards. As part of our commitment to help the communities we serve, Rainbow Fresh donates $ .10 to Eton School for every lunch order made by parents/guardians.


$10.00 Regular (plus tax)

$12.00 Large (plus tax)

$11.00 Veggie (plus tax)

Rainbow Fresh extends its appreciation and gratitude for the support and understanding of our Eton School Community.


Every order is nut free and includes:

  • Main Course
  • Side
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Snacks

Ordering (Starting October, ordering is available until noon of the previous day of the lunch service date.)

  1. Go to:
    • If you already have an EZ School Apps login.
    • If you do not already have an account:
      • Click the link, Sign-up today!
      • When the Zip Code box pops up, enter Eton School's zip code of 98008.
      • Complete the Sign Up Form (note password must be letters and numbers only)
      • Click the Send Account Creation Request.
      • Watch for a popup alert confirming your account was created.
      • Log into the application.
  2. Once logged in, add your child(ren) to your account. Please make sure to choose the school: “Eton School” again. There are other schools on the list and if you do not select Eton School, your order will be delivered to another school.
  3. Add a credit card for your account and then add money to your account. Please note there is a credit card transactions fee of 3.75%( with a minimum of $2.50 per transaction) that is charged by the credit card processing company, not Rainbow Fresh.
  4. To order, please follow the directions in Rainbow Fresh's Ordering Directions pdf.

Questions or comments about the hot lunch program? Please contact our Auxiliary Program Coordinator, Sharon Gonzalez.

Questions about the menu, ordering, food, or account? Please contact


First page of the PDF file: March2023MenuandIngredientsforEton96