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A June 2014-October 2020 Archived News Post

Eighth-Grade Students Present Their Amazing Projects to Over 90 Attendees

On Thursday, June 4, eighth-grade students gathered with guests via Zoom to present their research projects. After a brief introduction, eighth-grade student Diana asked everyone to observe a moment of silence in remembrance of George Floyd and all those who have suffered due to racism.

Next, the first six students presented on their topics:

  • Machine Learning
  • Is Anybody Out There?
  • History of Storytelling
  • Homelessness in Seattle
  • Computers and How They Work
  • History of Western Classical Music

A question and answer session followed as attendees typed questions via the chat, and the moderator related them to the students.

After a short intermission, the final five students presented on their tops:

  • CRISPR Crisis
  • Modern Warfare Technologies
  • Adolescent Mental Health
  • Competition
  • A Study of Jet Engines

When they finished, another question and answer session ensued. During the presentations, the students shared how they chose their project. Many of the topics stemmed from a particular experience or passion they had for many years.

Including the presenters, more than 90 Zoom attendee screens were present, and some displays had multiple viewers. The students did a fantastic job on their presentations and in answering questions. Afterward, many of the students, staff, family, and friends stayed in the Zoom meeting to chat and spend some time with each other. Congratulations to all the eighth-grade students on their spectacular projects and presentations!

Group 1

Group 2