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A June 2014-October 2020 Archived News Post

Educating Others About Sea Otters: An Alumna Project

For her Girl Scout Silver Award project, Caroline, Eton School alumna, created a stop-motion animation film to educate people about Sea Otters. During the project, Eton School's Director of Admissions and former Upper Elementary teacher served as her mentor. Caroline shared the following about her project:

I wanted to spread awareness about how sea otters are critically threatened in our world and how we can help them. It all started when I chose to research sea otters as part of a sixth-grade marine animal project. From then on, I fell in love with this keystone species and wanted to do something to help them. So I combined my passion for sea otters with my desire to learn animation and my love of drawing. I hope to inspire others through this project and make a difference for this amazing special animal.

Congratulations, Caroline, on your Girl Scout Silver Award project and for making a difference!

View her video on YouTube