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Pre-elementary (age 3) through Grade 8.

Minnu Kotha, Board Secretary

Minnu Kotha, Board Secretary

Minnu has served on the Eton Board since 2015 and is currently the Board Secretary. She holds degrees in architecture and architectural research. Also a certified technical writer, she has dedicated her time and expertise to non-profits, including API Chaya, Teens In Public Service, Young Women Empowered, Coyote Central, and Redmond Senior Center. Minnu is a parent of two Eton alumni.

Eton Board Committee(s): Governance Committee Chair, Facilities Committee member

Hobbies & Interests: Reading, Board Games, and Escape Rooms

Favorite Book, Movie, or TV Series: Any book by Sir Terry Pratchett, Robin Hobb, Beverly Cleary, or Alexander McCall Smith.

Favorite subject in school: Geography- because maps are amazing!