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How Can a Person Become Anti-Racist?

Laurren Chase, DEIB Newsletter Editor

Anti-Racism means to identify and oppose racism and to actively work towards changing behaviors, beliefs, and policies that perpetuate racist ideas and actions. How can a person become anti-racist? Check out the tips below! (From NPR’s article ‘Not Racist’ Is Not Enough: Putting in the Work to Be Anti-Racist.)

Tip #1

Accept that we've all been raised in a society that elevates white culture over others. Being anti-racist will mean first challenging those notions inside yourself.

Tip #2

Learn the history of racism and anti-racism, especially in America, to educate yourself about the complexities of the issues you'll be confronting.

Tip #3

Seek out films and TV shows which will challenge your notions of race and culture and dive in deeply, learning to see anti-racism in new ways.

Tip #4

Find local organizations involved in anti-racism efforts – preferably led by people of color – and help uplift their voices and ideas. In Seattle, start by exploring Families of Color Seattle and The Village of Hope Seattle.


Resources for Taking Action

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