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Thank You for Honoring and Celebrating Our Teachers and Staff!

Thank You for Honoring and Celebrating Our Teachers and Staff!
Monica Maling, Director of Development and EPC Liaison

Last week, with National Teacher Appreciation Week, the Eton Parent Council (EPC) Executive Committee and members (parents) made sure that teachers and staff felt appreciated!

The Executive Committee created and organized the distribution of beautiful Kudoboards for teachers and assistants. A huge thank you to Tiffany Sparks-Keeney, EPC Vice-President, for creating a board for each person and a distribution plan for them. Thank you to Community Coordinators Janice Zhang, Jia Li, and Kristin Wyatt for emailing and supporting parents at their grade levels throughout the Kudobard building process. A special thank you to all the parents who took the time to create the wonderful posts on the Kudoboards. The teachers and assistants were really surprised and genuinely touched by the sweet photos, videos, and messages that students and parents posted on their boards!

Meredith Atkins, EPC President, organized sandwiches and treats to be delivered to on-campus staff and off-campus remote teachers on Friday, May 7 for lunch. Thank you to EPC Executive Committee members, Karen Yeh, Meredith Atkins, and Kristin Wyatt, for delivering lunches to the remote teachers. Everyone was incredibly grateful and really enjoyed having such a special treat!

Helena Chen and Luyi Liu, parents of Henry, wanted to show their appreciation for all the hard work that teachers and staff have done to make this a successful school year for the students. So they brought containers of dumplings for everyone on campus on Friday as well! Their thoughtfulness was such a delightful surprise, and everyone enjoyed the delicious dumplings. Thank you very much to Helena and Luyi for helping to celebrate our teachers and staff at Eton!