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Student Spotlight: Following a Passion for Acting and Theater

Student Spotlight: Following a Passion for Acting and Theater
Monica Maling, Director of Development

Fifth grade Eton student, Hugh, loves acting and the theater, and even during the pandemic, he has been able to follow his passion. He enjoys being on stage and loves the process of preparing for a role.

Hugh is currently playing the part of “Gander” in Studio East’s “Charlotte’s Web” performance. He is building a repertoire of Studio East main stage roles that include Johnny in 2020’s “‘Twas Reimagined,” a “Who” in Seussical the Musical, and a Warrior in “Peter Pan.” He was also “Smee” in “Peter Pan in Neverland” and Watt Cobblers in “What a Knight,” which were both Studio East Summer Stage productions. 

Hugh enjoys the camaraderie and the teamwork of working and acting in the theater. He says this is what has kept him sane this past year! Hugh also says he is extremely excited about any plays that Eton will do in the future. 

To see Hugh in the production of “Charlotte’s Web,” you may purchase a ticket and then stream the play between March 26 and March 28. For more information, visit