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Eton One Read: So You Want to Talk About Race?

Eton One Read: So You Want to Talk About Race?
Communications Office

On Thursday, 28 April starting at 6:15 p.m., we are fortunate to have Ijeoma Oluo (ee-joh-mah oh-loo-oh) speak as part of our Eton Community Education series. She is the author of So You Want to Talk about Race and our first Eton One Read: How One Book Becomes Many.

Cover of the book, So you want to talk about race?

In this book, the title of each chapter serves as a question—from Is it really about race? toTalking is great, but what else can I do? These questions come up in our lives, and we may wonder how to respond to them. In her book, Oluo takes you on a journey through subjects ranging from intersectionality and affirmative action to “model minorities” and how race and racism infect almost every aspect of American life. She encourages readers to invest in self-assessment, to be open to challenges, and she offers guidance for starting and continuing difficult conversations in addressing race and racism. 

The DEIB committee chose her as a speaker and this book to help guide us as a community towards having more honest conversations about race and racism. We have purchased copies of her book for every staff member and have a few extra copies for the school library for parents/guardians to check out. Watch the book-talk video below from our Teacher Librarian, Poppy Louthan, to learn more about the book as part of our first Eton One Read: How One Book Becomes Many. Then read the book and watch for conversation starters and more in your upcoming Community Connections.