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Day 4: Canoeing, Hiking, Dancing and More!

Day 4: Canoeing, Hiking, Dancing and More!
Kirsten Zender, Middle School Teacher

On our fourth day, the long-anticipated event happened after breakfast. After a detailed safety introduction and being fitted with a life jacket and right-sized ore, we all ventured out to Lake Crescent in one canoe!

Water was calm, and after some initial trepidation, we got into the swing of things. Humming The Pirate of the Caribbean theme, we glided along the south side of the lake and paddled to the Bovee Meadows. After a short snack break, we came up with more chants and even considered mutiny to not return to the dock, which cracked up everyone. Rest assured, we made it back on dry land! 

After lunch, we took water quality measurement instruments with us on our hike from the mouth of Barnes Creek upstream to Marymere Falls. We stopped at three points to measure water velocity, temperature, and turbidity. We also looked for macroinvertebrates. Marymere Waterfall was raging in its own way, and we had earned our snickerdoodle after the descent, which gave us the strength to head home safely to our cabin.

In the evening, we had our campfire to reflect on our visit, talked about our experiences, and even showed our dance moves off, which we honed even more once we got back to the cabin. The last NatureBridge Dance Party was epic, and everyone fell tired into bed.