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Day 3: Cold Winds Changed Plans But Onward They Went!

Day 3: Cold Winds Changed Plans But Onward They Went!
Kirsten Zender, Middle School Teacher

Day three came bringing with it the beautiful sun but a cold, windy day. The wind on Lake Crescent was strong and created little white caps, which prohibited our original plan of going canoeing in the morning. The students took it in stride, and onwards we went.

After breakfast, we did a spaced-out Nature Sense Walk to connect with our senses and take in all the nature around us. We hiked to the mouth of Barnes Creek again, and after taking in the morning view with a chill, we collected specimens to investigate in the microscope lab. Lots of oohs and aahs were heard when lichen, alder bark, algae, etc., came even more alive in detail! Lunch was held in a sunny spot, and The Lorax gave us a relaxing moment before we went into the River Room to learn about the watershed and erosion. After that, we went to the Skins & Skulls Room to sharpen our observation skills and do some research on a self-chosen topic/animal.

Dinner came around the usual time of 5 p.m., and afterward, Mr. Crotty and Mrs. Zender invited 6th Grade to a Rock Concert. We made it (barely) in time for our evening program at 7 p.m. and read the book Raven Brings the Light to get inspired to create our own story art. The day was done, or so we thought, but with energy to burn, we decided on an impromptu dance party that rocked the cabin. Oh, what fun was had!