Day 2: More Rummaging & Inquiry for Mysterious foRest Investigations

Pete Kashevarof

We're here with yet another MRI for MRI: More Rummaging & Inquiry for Mysterious foRest Investigations.  And wouldn't you know it, but just like yesterday's post, we have yet another guest speaker: Robert Frost joins us with one of his famous works, albeit slightly retooled.


Two groups diverged in a Rainier wood,

and sorry I could not travel with both.

And be one teacher, long I stood

and studied with one as long as I could

til we met again in the undergrowth.


So I with "The Blue Hat Group," just as fair,

looked at canopies of higher claim,

searched the woods for maples that wear

the green and depth of moss on bark there;

on new and old-growth trees about the same.


And Mr. Crotty and Mrs. Zender did stay

with "The Emilys Group," trail trodden black.

Into the soil their studies of moisture lay

knowing that young trees drink deep and play,

like we, branching to the skies and back.


I shall be telling of this without resign,

while students, bunked, rest and recover.

Two groups diverged in a Rainier wood, yet I -

I know each, though apart, studied by and by;

then together, our stories shared with the other.