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Day 3: Traditions from a Waterfall to Rock Concert

Day 3: Traditions from a Waterfall to Rock Concert
Kirsten Zender, Middle School Teacher

After an eggs and potatoes breakfast, we warmed up with stretches and played a few games that tested our flexibility to stretch and hop on high-tech [silicon] stones across the lava flow to get to the other side.

Next up was the River Room, where we explored the “Power of Water” and erosion, and everyone enjoyed creating villages, dams, culverts, etc., along the rivers drawn in the sand. Once the rivers started to flow 🌊, the students saw what erosion does and how their villages flooded, and the river beds changed. We learned a lot!

Then we took several science instruments and looked at the pH 🪧🧪, turbidity, temperature, and dissolved oxygen of Lake Crescent along the shore. We took turns, and everyone got to experience each science station. Cool and interesting!

We had lunch at the campus, and after that, we started our hike to Marymere Falls while looking at the plant life along the way: Interesting commercials were acted out for the ‘Nature Moments’ once the students discovered their plant, tree, or fungi. It was a little steep at the end of the hike, but we all made it to the waterfall and enjoyed the view.

Dinner at 5 p.m. with Penne and Tomatoes sauce gave us back the energy to go on a night hike at 7 p.m. No 🔦 or 🕯 were allowed!

We learned about the Grey-Horned Owl (please quiz your child 🙂: eyes don’t move, turn their head 190 degrees, asymmetrical ear holes, etc.) before testing our human hearing on our walk through the forest and what changes when we put cupped hands around the ears--the distance of hearing someone increases by quite a bit!

Then we went to the lake shore once more and practiced mindfulness with our much-anticipated rock concert. It was getting pretty dark, and we headed back to the cabin for evening time and showers.

More travel is expected tomorrow, and it is supposed to be beachy!