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Day 1: Monday aRrival and hIke for Mount Rainier Institute

Pete Kashevarof

Welcome to MRI for MRI: Monday aRrival and hIke for Mount Rainier Institute.  And we're all very lucky, as we have a special guest speaker for this email - none other than Clement Clark Moore, performing a variation of his classic poem.


‘Twas the night before Tuesday, all parents a’wonderin’

¿Cómo están nuestros hijos?”  Sound asleep in cabins.

On bus, over road, through morning, then cheer.

All safely arrived in the forests of Mt. Rainier.

First sun, then snow, followed closely by rain.

Next warm, ice shiver, and water fell again.

And so the sky with blue and cloud did shine,

yet with layers and hoods, did no one much mind.

We grabbed our gear, of the wood we were clients:

studied trees, played games, prepared for science.

But at this late hour, now must we part; for sleep we sail,

and you, though sight unseen, will be updated through email.