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2021 Virtual Spring Book Fair

2021 Virtual Spring Book Fair
Poppy Louthan, Teacher Librarian

Book fairs at Eton School are part of the community experience, and we are happy to announce our Virtual Spring Book Fair, which begins on Monday, 24 May 2021, and runs through Sunday, 6 June 2021.

In addition to directly contributing to your child’s enjoyment of stories and reading, every book fair purchase you make supports the entire Eton School Community. A portion of sales goes directly to the annual library budget and helps to build our classroom collections. Additionally, students and families can shop from teacher wish lists to donate books to their classrooms.

Did you know?

  • Having books in the home is directly linked to academic growth and success in all subject areas by increasing critical thinking skills and comprehension, growing a broader vocabulary, and an increased ability to use and apply mathematical concepts.
  • Giving and receiving books as gifts sends the message that books are important and worthy of sharing.
  • Reading a wide variety of books is directly linked to growing our senses of empathy and honoring differences while finding beauty in the lives of others. It also allows us to feel seen and understood by other readers and those authors who identify with our shared experiences.
  • Broader reading choices have begun to have an impact on the publishing industry as they begin to understand that students need and deserve to have accurate historical and nonfiction resources in addition to characters of diverse identities and backgrounds represented on their bookshelves.

This spring, our fair is through Junior Library Guild, and your purchases will be shipped directly to you! Thanks for your support and for continuing to support the growth of children as readers and learners.