You're Invited: End of the Year Eton Family Self-Guided Nature Walk

Monica Maling, Director of Development

On the last day of school, Eton Parent Council (EPC) is planning an activity at Lake Sammamish State Park, and you are invited! Join us for an End of the Year Eton Family Self-Guided Nature Walk on Wednesday, June 16, at 12:30 pm. What you need to know:

  • Since this is a State Park, you will need to bring your Annual Discover Pass or purchase the $11.50 One-Day Discover Pass to place on your car’s dashboard. You can purchase the one-day pass at the entrance of the park or online at:
  • Bring your own lunch.
  • EPC has rented the rotunda (a covered picnic area) that seats many people with enough space to spread out.
  • There are many other picnic tables so that people can practice physical distancing while eating lunch.
  • A map, a booklet about the Kokanee salmon, and a box of colored pencils will be sent home on Friday, June 11, with on-campus students.
  • The map, booklet, and pencils will be mailed to remote students on Wednesday, June 8, so watch for it!
  • The map is a self-guided tour so that in case you cannot make this event, you and your family can visit the park anytime.
  • The EPC Executive Committee will be handing out Otter Pops popsicles.