The Annual Latin Exam and JCL Awards

The Annual Latin Exam and JCL Awards
The Annual Latin Exam and JCL Awards

by Anne Gaskins, Latin Teacher

Each year in Latin, we take a few of the Latin national tests as a class. In fifth and sixth grade, we prepare for and take the National Mythology Exam, a test on the students' knowledge of general mythology and a specific mythological story or theme. In seventh and eighth grade, we take two exams: the Classical Literacy Exam (CLE), and the National Latin Exam. The CLE tests the students' knowledge of mythology, history, and common phrases that have come from Latin into everyday English. The National Latin Exam tests students on their grasp of grammatical concepts, Latin vocabulary, and cultural and historical facts of Ancient Rome.

The tests are just for fun, but each year I have the pleasure of awarding some students medals and certificates for their exceptional performance on these exams. This year's winners are listed below. Please congratulate them on their extensive understanding of the classical world!

Also, as part of the announcement, I want to share the list of awards from the Junior Classical League (JCL). The students at JCL are encouraged to participate in as much as possible, and the students that went this year had an amazing experience wrestling like Romans, testing on classical knowledge, performing their skits, creating beautiful artwork and fighting like gladiators! The final list of awards for convention showcases the hard work and passionate participation of our Eton students. Please join me in congratulating them on a great showing at JCL!

Note: Scroll down to view a slideshow of JCL photos by a professional photographer.

National Mythology Exam (5th and 6th grade)

Gold (100% correct)

5th: Amber P. and Manasa K.

Silver (96-99% correct)

5th: Daniel S.and Brenna K.

6th: Matthew W. and Arjun N.

Bronze (90-95% correct)

5th: Nishan D. and Apoorva K.

6th: Erik H. and Dashiell P.

Classical Literacy Exam (7th & 8th Grade)

Bronze (40/50 correct): Ana H. and Nicholas W.

National Latin Exam (7th & 8th Grade):

Certificate and Ribbon for Outstanding Achievement: Ana H. and Ammar G.

Certificate of Merit: Christina M. and Lydia M.

Junior Classical League Awards