Educating the whole child and honoring the diversity of each individual from
Pre-elementary (age 3) through Grade 8.

Developing a Lifelong Passion for Learning

We Are Curious, Confident and Insightful

Inspiring children to strengthen skills and natural abilities through Montessori philosophy and educational research.

Preparing children with the tools to establish a lifelong passion for learning: strengthening natural abilities, inspiring creativity and developing critical thinking.

Empowering children to become active curious learners, thinking critically and creatively.


We Are Collaborators and Leaders

Fostering respect for one another through project-based collaborative learning.

Nurturing concentration, order and independence through a stimulating learning environment with vigorous academic focus.

Promoting a sense of responsibility, bridging academics from childhood to adolescence, and laying a foundation for knowledgeable global citizens.



We Are Teachers Who Care and Inspire

Highly educated teachers who provide the tools to help your child gain the confidence, life skills and creativity to succeed.

Teachers who create a supportive yet challenging environment reflective of each individual's learning style.

Our multi-age classes foster integrated learning—increasing academic results, developing empathy, inspiring leadership, and building a strong foundation for success in the real world.


# We Are Eton

Eton School encouraged our children to soar intellectually and creatively. Teachers responded to each as an individual with unique interests and abilities, offering appropriate challenges and support.

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