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Mt. Rainier Expedition

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Day 3: Moments Remembered Indefinitely for Mountaineering, Running, and Sciencing

We welcome everyone to the very last MRI for MRI: Moments Remembered Indefinitely for Mountaineering, Running, and Sciencing. Also, Eton was able to pull together some last-minute funding for yet another guest speaker: none other than the bard himself, William Shakespeare, who will share an alternate monologue from one of his famous tales. Before that though, a couple of quick announcements.

One, even though the weather prevented us from going high up on Mount Rainier, we still had a wonderful day trekking around the lower regions. We went for a few snow hikes, tried out a little snowshoeing, and did some snow science as well. Good snow day indeed.

Two, a big thanks to PBS: Parents, Benefactors, and Supporters. We couldn’t attend programs like MRI without the generosity and encouragement of viewers like you. Students, teachers, and the greater Eton community are eternally thankful.

And with that, on to our guest speaker:


If we teachers have offended, 

think but this, and all is mended, 

that your child has but slumber’d at home, 

and you have not been there all alone. 

Know this week was not an idle dream, 

yielding a strong science and nature theme. 

Gentles, do not take up arms, 

as all will return, unscathed, unharmed. 

And, as I am an honest Pete, 

if we have not learned, then speak. 

For we have studied and tested true, 

climbed mountains, knowledge accrued. 

Else the Pete a liar call; 

So, good night unto you all. 

Give me your hands, if we be friends, 

and pick up your child ’round 2, at day’s end.


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