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2018 Day 4: Reflection and Home

On the fourth and final day, the groups spent time together in thoughtful reflection. They discussed what goals they accomplished during the stay, shared successes with getting to know each other, and celebrated overcoming challenges to complete team building tasks. Then they all boarded the bus and headed back to Eton School, each one reflecting on the fantastic four days of exploring nature while getting to know each other!

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2018 Day 4: Reflection and Home

On their final day, the students reflected on their experiences and the friendships that both grew and blossomed. They hauled their luggage back down to the parking lot, boarded a bus, and headed back to Eton School where parents were eagerly waiting.

2018 Day 3: Curiosity, Investigations, and Growth

On day three, the students' curiosity and investigations took them on tidal exploration with lots of hermit crabs, garden explorations and with tastings, and insect discoveries and with data collection. The students developed their leadership and collaboration skills as they worked together on the team building course.

2018 Day 1: Goodbyes, Team Building, and Relaxation

On the first day of their IslandWood trip, the students said goodbye to their parents, rode a bus to Bainbridge Island, hauled their gear to their cabins, worked in groups and had some relaxation time before bringing the day to a close by heading to bed.