Educating the whole child and honoring the diversity of each individual from
Pre-elementary (age 3) through Grade 8.

The Pathway through Grade Levels

Eton School furthers a child's success in the real world. Our comprehensive curriculum is challenging and progressive, focusing on childhood development and personal achievement through Montessori philosophy and educational research. Eton gives children the tools to establish a lifelong passion for learning: strengthening natural abilities, inspiring creativity, and developing critical thinking skills.


Education should no longer be mostly imparting knowledge but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities. Maria Montessori

(Age 3-Kindergarten)

In a multi-age classroom we:

  • gain independence through our work in a prepared environment;
  • develop intrinsic motivation and concentration through the self-selection of our own work;
  • build confidence and competence through the use of self-correcting materials that encourage purposeful repetition and invite creative innovation; and
  • use hands-on materials to build concrete understandings of abstract concepts.

Lower Elementary

(Grades 1-3)

In a mixed grade classroom we:

  • learn to take responsibility for our own learning;
  • Manage our time through the use of Work Plans;
  • collaborate on assignments with peers and in multi-age groups;
  • pursue in-depth study in a wide variety of subjects;
  • focus on what it means to be a responsible global citizen;
  • build a sense of community;
  • develop critical thinking skills;
  • become self-directed problem solvers; and
  • use compassion and empathy towards others.

Upper Elementary
(Grades 4 and 5)

In grade and mixed grade level classrooms we:

  • continue building a solid foundation of academic proficiency;
  • explore leadership roles within the classroom and school community;
  • work with multi age classmates to make meaningful collaborative decisions;
  • develop critical thinking skills;
  • incorporate artistic expression and creative thinking; and
  • honor the rights, needs and talents of a diverse population of learners.

Middle School (Grades 6, 7 and 8)

In grade and mixed grade level classrooms we:

  • gain understanding of personal learning needs, goals and challenges;
  • complete academic courses that are rigorous and challenging;
  • explore and construct knowledge on subjects of personal interest;
  • expand on leadership roles to include communities outside of school;
  • collaborate to work interdependently on projects and presentations;
  • think critically and understand multiple perspectives;
  • apply knowledge with interdisciplinary competence; and
  • understand and respect the varied backgrounds and needs of classmates.