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A girls sitting on a bed reading.
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Do you ever wonder why your child chooses the same book to read over and over again or chooses only books from a specific series? Learn some of the reasons and the role rereading/series plays in developing reading skills and enjoyment.

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A mother comforts her young child.
by Diana Butler, Retired Eton School Lower Elementary Teacher and Board of Trustee Emeritus (Updated 11/2020)

Empathy plays an essential part in the development of children, and as a parent, you play an important role in the process. Learn about the development of empathy from early to teenage years. Discover what you can do to help your child develop it and check out the resources for insight and help.

  • Empathy
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Student works on getting stuck beans through the funnel tip.
(Revised Previously Published Article: See Note at End of Post)

Watching our children struggle can be traumatic. So, what can a parent do? Here are some thoughts to help you not step in and fix your child's struggle but support them through whatever struggle may come their way.

  • Challenges
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