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Lower Elementary: Expressions of Gratitude and Connections to the World Around Them
Alice McNeer

Even though the stay-at-home orders are in place, our Lower Elementary students continue to connect with the community around them in a variety of creative and caring ways.

Although they are all staying home, our Lower Elementary students still connect with the world around them. This connection is part of Cosmic Education, which helps them understand the valuable role they play in the universe and the opportunities they have to improve their communities and the world as a whole.

The students heard that people were putting rainbows in the windows of their homes to bring a smile and cheer to others. Wanting to do the same, students created and shared their rainbows in the windows of their houses.

In previous years, the students would make cards and projects, and then they would bring to a nearby nursing home. This year, they could not go in to drop off items, so they decided to write and send letters to bring a bit of cheer to the nursing home residents who like them were staying home.

One student is bringing a bit of joy to her neighbors by creating activities on the sidewalk outside her house using chalk. She has been adding to it and neighbors can come back to it to see what is added and to do the activities if desired. She shared the project with fellow students in the video, "Fun PE and Art Obstacle Course," so they could give it a try.

During Nurse Week (May 4-8), students wanted to say thank you to nurses and medical workers. Some students created pictures, cards, and letters that they mailed to their health care providers. Some painted rocks while others drew pictures, and one student wrote her message on the driveway of her house for others to see when they drive by.

Through these expressions of gratitude and connections to the world around them, the Lower Elementary students gain a sense of importance, purpose, and responsibility, which they will carry throughout their educational journey and into adulthood.

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