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Day 1: Report from Carlyn
Alice McNeer

"No one fell over board (yet) everyone was a little squeamish about standing on the boat while it was moving."

Expedition Log of the S/V Carlyn

Date: 3-27-17

Trip Day: 1

Location: Blake Island

Name(s): Nikhil and Keeler

School/Grade: Eton, Grade:7&8

Afternoon Report From Carlyn

Today is the first day of our four day sea expedition around the Puget Sound. We got to Elliot Bay Marina at about nine o'clock this morning where we got all of our rain gear. We put all our gear into the forecastle by making a fireline.

We left the marina at eleven o'clock, and we set two sails, Jib and Mizzin. We got to know all of the crew members who worked with us on starting to answer our science question.

The water watch cleaned the ship today, Jared enjoyed cleaning the toilet, Ben, Joshua, and Mr.Glatt cleaned the deck, Keeler sweeped the ground, Janik and Shiv prepared our dinner, spagetti, and Nikhil wrote what you are reading right now.

No one fell over board (yet) everyone was a little squeamish about standing on the boat while it was moving.

After our six hour boat ride we arrived at Blake Island where we spotted three raccoons. After the water watch got back to the boat we spotted a raccoon going from the side of the dock to the bottom of the dock.

We played the hand game, and we played telephone.

We docked at Blake Island at four o'clock. We are surrounded by grass, trees, mud, and goose/deer poop. We have been experiencing many changes today in the weather, we experienced rain, and a little sunshine. We saw white caps on the water after many waves.

We also caught plankton, and we collected water to test for copper. We used a Niskin bottle and we used buckets to collect water. We put up the sails and learned how to use the winches on the boat.

We are expecting to go to another island, and collect more information to answer our question. We are scared that we will hear someone yell "man-over-board!"

  • Salish Seas Expedition (7th/8th)