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Day 1: Arrival, Hikes and Explorations

Having arrived safely for their first day at NatureBridge, the students spent their afternoon hiking and exploring the forest. In the evening, they listened to Native stories.

We arrived safely, soundly, and because we arrived on time, we were able to enjoy every bit of the afternoon fully. We met the educators and other staff that will be guiding us this week, took our first of many hikes through the Olympic National Forest, and praised our parents for procuring and packing rain gear for us. We didn't let anything dampen our spirits, leading to quite a cheerful afternoon indeed.

Lastly, while out exploring or hiking, some of you may have come across fairy rings, which are groups of mushrooms that grow in beautiful, yet odd, circular patterns. We came across another rare circular sighting today. Apparently, on cold, overcast days near forested areas, mammals are drawn into circles; we were fortunate to get a picture of such an event (see photo above). It is a phenomenon that science has yet to explain.

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