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2018 Day 3: Curiosity, Investigations, and Growth
Alice McNeer

On day three, the students' curiosity and investigations took them on tidal exploration with lots of hermit crabs, garden explorations and with tastings, and insect discoveries and with data collection. The students developed their leadership and collaboration skills as they worked together on the team building course.

A group went to Blakely Harbour and discovered lots of tiny crabs among other tidal life while another group went to the garden and participated in a "tasting tour." The students tasted fresh tomatoes, beets, apples, and several varieties of mint. They also made a honey-sweetened tea with garden ingredients.

While those two groups were busy, another group investigated how many different types of insects they could find in three soil samples from different locations. The students used microscopes to track the data of the number of different kinds of insects found.

All the groups spent time at the Teams Course section of IslandWood where they collaborated on reaching the goal of each challenge. The students found success as they worked through differences in communication styles and focused on achieving a common goal by problem-solving together—skills they will utilize back in the classroom! In the evening at the campfire, the students performed the call-back song "Boom Chicka Boom" before heading back to the cabins for their last night at IslandWood.

An overarching theme at IslandWood is curiosity and investigation. Some sentence starters that all of the instructors used are:

"I notice..."

"I wonder..."

"That reminds me of..."

These starters helped the students with their investigations of Blakely Harbour, Mac's Pond, and the garden by providing a platform to digest their new learning in greater depth and breadth.

The following quote was introduced during a solo hike and has become a fast favorite of our fourth-grade community:

Cover photo of Dr. Seuss quote.

The teachers have grown to know their students as friends to each other, individuals, and learners, and they are all leaving Islandwood richer!

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