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2018 Day 2: Shorelines, Forest and Friendships
Alice McNeer

During day two at IslandWood, some groups hiked to Blakely Harbour to explore the low tide while other groups investigated the forest. At night, everyone enjoyed stories around the campfire.

Another exciting day as part of the groups hiked to Blakely Harbour to investigate the low tide and remains of the old mill site. On the way there, the students played nature games. On the way back a portion of the students crossed the suspension bridge and took a moment to enjoy swaying just a bit in the middle of the trees.

Other groups participated in a special game called "Each One, Teach One" while walking through the forest. Students taught each other interesting facts about nature. One group of students investigated water samples from Mac's Pond under microscopes finding fascinating organisms.

All the students participated in the second evening activity, a night hike to learn about crepuscular creatures and an indoor campfire to watch educational and entertaining skits put on by the IslandWood staff. The students have built new friendships and strengthened existing ones on every step of this trip.

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