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Learning Continues

Five teachers holding the message, we are proud of you!
Every single day, but especially for your resilience and optimism during all of this. You are our inspiration.



Highlights of Remote Instruction and Learning

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Following Curiosity: A Science Experiment Shared

Learning is not about memorizing facts. Learning is asking questions and following your curiosity like this Pre-elementary student who conducted a science experiment and shared it with others.


Lower Elementary


Upper Elementary

London Bound by Jo Weise, Upper Elementary Teacher

Upper-elementary students had the opportunity to go on a trip to London (virtually, of course). They started their journey by riding The London Eye. They were treated with marvelous views of the whole of London, which they then went on to explore.


Middle School


Teachers and Parents

Teacher's Choice: Two Videos from Students

With remote learning, one method that allows teachers to observe and celebrate their students' moments of learning is through shared videos. Here are two special videos shared with Mrs. Fleming, one of our Pre-elementary teachers.

Our Plans for Remote Instruction

Remote Learning Help