Educating the whole child and honoring the diversity of each individual from
Pre-elementary (age 3) through Grade 8.


In educating the whole child, Eton School inspires creative, confident thinkers who have an enduring passion for learning and are poised to contribute to the world.

A Living Mission Statement

At most schools, the mission statement is a set document from year to year. At Eton School, the mission statement is a living document reviewed, discussed, revised (if needed) and signed by the teachers and administrators each year during our August inservice. We do this because we not only believe in our mission, we live it!

We at Eton School commit to educate the whole child and honor the diversity of each individual

Intellectually by

  • facilitating cooperative and independent learning
  • teaching academic skills in the context of cosmic education
  • developing higher order thinking through vigorous curriculum
  • giving meaningful evaluation

Emotionally by

  • promoting unconditional acceptance of self
  • assisting personal growth
  • supporting the partnership between school and home
  • providing a nurturing environment

Socially by

  • promoting unconditional acceptance and respect of others
  • teaching communication and cooperation skills
  • cultivating a sense of responsibility
  • fostering positive group behavior

Physically by

  • recognizing the interdependence of mind and body
  • teaching respect and care for the body
  • assisting in the refining and strengthening of physical skills
  • valuing the need for purposeful movement

Spiritually by

  • inspiring a love of learning
  • encouraging self-determination
  • developing and nurturing global awareness
  • sharing joy, beauty and a reverence for life

We support this Mission by providing developmentally designed programs and methodologies based on Montessori philosophy and educational research. We dedicate ourselves to lifelong learning.

An Eton Education: Where Students are Inspired, Prepared and Empowered

Montessori and NWAIS-accredited, Eton School is designed to address a student’s specific learning needs every step of the way. Students build confidence within a challenging program that strengthens skills and natural abilities, inspires creativity, develops critical thinking skills and encourages leadership.

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