Educating the whole child and honoring the diversity of each individual from
Pre-elementary (age 3) through Grade 8.


The definition of leadership comes with a very specific way of measuring results. The measure is the distance of the journey—whether they've made it and how far they've come.

Bill Shore, The Cathedral Within

For over 38 years, an exceptional group of passionate leaders have guided Eton School's journey. Starting with only two classrooms and three employees, the school has grown to more than 13 classrooms and over 60 employees. From its beginnings as a for profit school with the founder as the owner, it has advanced to a nonprofit school with a Board of Trustees. More importantly, every step along the way, the leadership is both passionate and dedicated to the students with a focus on keeping education both relevant and dynamic.

Eton School Foundation Board of Trustees

Supports the mission of the school and is responsible for financial oversight and strategic vision.

2017-2018 Board of Trustees

President: Viki Dragich

Vice President: Bob Frangooles

Treasurer: Peter Roppo

Secretary: Judi Hoskins

Beth Bazley

Karl Dehmer

Minnu Kotha

Nasreen Shamsuddin

Ex Officio Members

Russell Smith, Head of School

Anica Harris, Eton Parent Council President

Trustee Emeriti

Diana Butler

Vibhas Chandorkar

Carol O'Donnell

Phil Rourke

Founder and Head of School Emerita

Patricia M. Feltin

Eton School Fir Cone Logo with Name



Head of
Eton School

Photo: Dr. Russell Smith, Head of School
Dr. Russell Smith
Head of School

Assistant Head of School: Ms. Kris Gaskins

Kris Meyer Gaskins
Chief Financial Officer
Photo: Mr. Jason Mallon, Chief Financial Officer
Jason Mallon

Financial Service Administrator
Photo: Ms. Cindy Mattix, Financial Services Manager
Cindy Mattix


Photo: Mrs. Jackie Rauch, Registrar

Jackie Rauch
Director of

Photo: Ms. Cherie Goetz, Director of Admission
Cherie Goetz

Director of
and Marketing
Photo: Mrs. Alice McNeer, Director of Communications and Marketing
Alice McNeer
Director of

Photo: Ms. Monica Maling, Director of Development
Monica Maling