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Eton School Connect 2022-2023: Journeying Along (Vol. 7 No. 1)

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Cover of the Spring 2022 Connect Magazine

In this issue of Connect, we explore the various enrichment classes offered across the grade levels and share alumni updates. Take a look inside to see how art is an expression, nature is a life-giving force, music is a whole-body experience, learning new languages is important, a library program is an evolution, and more!

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  • Connect Spring 2022
  • Issue 6 Vol 1
Cover of the Spring 2022 Connect Magazine

Open the covers of this issue to discover how gifts of talents, time, and funds impact students' educational journey, provide professional development for staff, and are an investment for a stronger community. Also, in this issue, read our annual report, meet new staff, and check out where our alumni from the class of 2017 (high school class of 2021) are headed!

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  • Connect Fall 2021
  • Issue 6 Vol 1
Cover of our Fall 2019 Connect showing three students in awe of bubbles in water.

Montessori: More Than A Name

In this issue of Connect, you will find an illustrative and more in-depth explanation of Montessori philosophy and methodology for age three through grade eight and an exploration of what it means to be Montessori in name and practice. Includes Montessori terms and recommended Montessori books for learning more.

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  • Fall 2019
  • Vol 3 No 1
Cover of our Spring 2019 Connect Magazine Celebrating 40 Years

Times and Traditions: A celebration of Eton School milestones and accomplishments over the past forty years.

The issue begins with a look back with the founder of the school, Dr. Patricia Feltin with Founder's Day and her Reflection on Forty Years. It continues with a celebration of Latin and Junior Classical League, the Birth of the Cultural Fair, the tradition of Una Voce, and the 40th Anniversary Party in the Park. Learn more about Eton Parent Council, the 2019 Community Gala, and Well Wishes for those leaving the school. Also a look at Faculty and Staff Milestones, Alumni Update, and a look at where Eton's graduates are going.

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  • Spring 2019
  • Vol 3 No 2
Cover of our Fall 2018 Connect Magazine Journeys Around the Sun 40 Years

Journeys Around the Sun: A special issue celebrating Eton School's 40th Anniversary.  

Montessori Journey in the Pre-elementary Environment
Imagination and the Cosmic Journey in the Lower Elementary Classroom
Cosmic Fair: Lower Elementary
A Purposefully Designed Journey
Journey's Around the Sun
Eton Parent Council (EPC)
Annual Fund: A Year of Growth; Annual Fund: A Year of Growth
The Operational Side of School
Welcome New Faculty and Staff
New School Year Brings Changes
Alumni Update
Connect Authors and Contributors.

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  • Fall 2018
  • Vol 3 No 1
An image of the magazine cover for fall 2017.

This issue focuses on Mathematical Journeys from the youngest level to each subsequent level where students are given many opportunities that empower them to learn and grow. This marvelous mathematical journey begins on the day a young three‑year‑old enters the Pre-elementary classroom and continues through to the final day of eighth-grade graduation. However, the journey continues long after graduation because making connections and finding value in learning, leads a student down the road of becoming a lifelong learner. Also included is Eton School's Annual Report, a story on helping four legged friends, a welcome from Eton Parent Council, a note from Eton School's Board of Trustees and updates from alumni.

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  • Connect Fall 2017
  • Issue 2 Vol 1

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