Day 5: Paddle, Tow, Farewell and Home

Due to road construction that would add two hours to our drive, we decided to paddle north across the lake to Log Cabin Resort where the bus was waiting. Halfway across the lake, a speed boat lent a hand by towing each canoe to the shore. Everyone enjoyed this early morning activity and watching the sun come up over Mount Storm King. As we boarded the bus, we said goodbye to our NatureBridge educators and then we headed back to Eton School via Kingston Ferry.

The fifth- and sixth-grade students offer a special thank you to everyone for a great week at NatureBridge!

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Day 4: Time for Paddles and Hikes

On Thursday (day 4), the sixth-grade students enjoyed both water and land. They boarded canoes and with paddles in hand, they ventured out on the lake with an occasional stop to explore the shoreline and trails.

Meanwhile, the fifth-grade students hiked up to Mt. Storm King. Along the trail, the students gained an elevation of a couple thousand feet spaced over 2-3 miles. Despite the steep hike, everyone made it up and enjoyed an amazing view of Lake Cresent as well as the surrounding national park.

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Video: Paddling on the Lake

Video: Rock Toss

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