Creating Connections: Japanese Exclusion

On a beautiful, sunny fall day, seventh and eighth grade students, along with wonderful parent drivers, headed to Bainbridge Island to learn about the local connections to the Japanese Exclusion. After taking the ferry from Seattle, they started at the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum, had lunch at the Town and Country Market, then toured the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial. The students had the privilege of meeting and talking with two Bainbridge Island residents who had been interned. Lily and Kay were gracious in sharing their stories with us and answering the many questions from the students. In their reflections, many of the students said that they were grateful to be able to hear first-hand accounts, and they will never forget Lily and Kay.

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Structural Engineering in STEAM Starts at the Top!

In anticipation of the Middle School's annual trip to the Sheraton Gingerbread Village (and to prepare for the construction of their own village!), the students have engaged in a series of investigations into principles of structural engineering during STEAM. They started at the top with skyscrapers! After researching some of the amazing engineering that goes into designing the world's tallest buildings, the seventh-grade students constructed free-standing, load-bearing structures out of just 100 KEVA blocks. Their tallest structures topped out at over five feet!

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Creating Connections: Japanese Exclusion

In connecting learning to life, the seventh- and eighth-grade students traveled to Bainbridge Island's Museum to learn about the Japanese Exclusion and to hear first-hand accounts of the internment.

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